The Sun – my Glory

Not so long ago while taking one perfect summer evening walk at South Delhi, India, I have heard a voice – a voice telling me to look up and straight at the sun. What the heck ? Who the hell are you telling me to look at the sun and in so doing damage my good eyesight and go blind?

But the voice urged me to trust and to have a complete faith in it. It assured me that everything he does is for the good of his Children – And we are his loving children !

Finally, I have the courage to take a giant leap of blind faith. And I , amazingly, infact – stared at the sun for a long tine in amazement. For there was a Man behind the sun! His head above the sun. And the sun was right in front of his chest. And with both of his hands – He holds the sun.

And Lo, his right hand index finger cuts the half left side of the sun in three pieces. And pulling them outward – out of the circumference of the sun. And he put them back to its original shape and size again. And he said to me in Paite Language(my very own dialect) with a deep voice from there itself that he would still darken a little bit more the brightness of the sun. And he did so with his left hand by holding a Rectangular Iron Grill shape: Criss – crossing vertically and horizontally from end to end in front of the half right side surface of the sun. Dimming a little bit more the powerful brightness of the sun – perfect for the human naked eyes to enable me to keep staring at the sun for a long time.

And then, I asked him: What does that three cut pieces of the sun, signify ?

He replied: Each piece Represents –
The 1st cut – the Father
The 2nd cut – the Son

The 3rd cut – the Holy Ghost.

Indeed, “Divine Trinity is what I am” said the man from behind the sun. A man wearing a white robe and as White as snow.

He further said to me: “The sun is my glory…..” at this, I interrupted and asked him; “What is the source of the sun and where it is located ?

He replied: “The source of the sun is the Planet Earth itself and its location is deep down at the centre of the Earth – the CORE!”. The sun reflects the light much wider back to where it comes from – the planet Earth. Infact, the Core is me for I am but a Consuming Fire!”

And then, I asked in wonderment: “Who are you ?” “May I know you more?”

He replied me: “The heaven is my throne and the Earth is my footstool.” I am in a hurry now! The world is so dirty for me now but still they do not know me! “You shall enquire and make search and ask diligently and when you are desperate and your heart is Contrite and broken completely – only then, you will find me! I do not need burnt offerings and sacrifices. All I need is a Contrite and broken heart! ”

He further said: “I want to close the door of heaven like this – banged the shape of 2 fists like, coming out from 2 columns of a drifting clouds, together with a loud peal of thunder – just above me!” And I said: “But Lord, you said until and unless this Good News is preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, the End will not come!” But He replied: “This Good News is already preached to every nations of the world by now.”

“Come now, Let us settle the matter” says the immortal, “Though your sins are like scarlet – they shall be as White as snow. Though they are Red as Crimson – they be like wool. If you are willing and obedient – you will eat the good things of the land. But if you Resist and Rebel – you will be Devoured by the sword.”.

And then, it dawned on me on that day that this is the only truly God to whom we all must appear. Appear before the Judgement seat of…..The Son of Man! So that each of us may Receive what is due us for the things done while in the body – whether Good or Bad.

Do you really not know that He gives us so much attention that He probes the heart and examines the Mind every morning and test us every moment ? And that He never look away from you or let us be alone even for an instant ? The God who is hiding and often disciplines us but only in due measure ! The God who does not let us go entirely unpunished when we disobey and sins !

And then, I said: “O Lord, what is Mankind that you are so mindful of them that you so care for them that the Earth – you have given to Mankind – to keep it and to take care of it! Mankind that you fearfully and wonderfully made: clothe us with skin and flesh and knit us together with bones and sinews?” The Giver and Overseer of our bodies and souls. The Almighty who forms a human spirit within a person – the human body with all its glory so that the Holy Spirit may dwell in it. And obviously – has the right to demand your soul back from you perhaps, this very night.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega; The First and the Last; The Beginning and the End – who is and who was and who is to come – the Almighty!”

Come, O Almighty, come soon!

” What did I ever do to deserve this of revealing yourself to me so intimately, I am but Son of Dust. For dust I am and to dust I will Return. What did I ever do, my Lord ?” I could not help but cried. And tears of Undeserved tears overwhelmed me !

It is Christ himself that looks upon me and shatters all my defenses ! I will pray that moment comes for you, too, my friend.

But then, He is the Son of Man that the world hated without Reason and the Stone that the builders Rejected but has become the Precious Corner Stone!

God Bless.

Kamkhanlal Ngaihte.




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