3 hours of Darkness

“For the Devil has come down unto you and has gone out into the world – Roaming throughout the Earth- going back and forth on it, deceiving people to believe the Lie – what LIE is it anyway? He is filled with great fury and Hades is following close behind him. And he is in a hurry because he knows the hath but a short time.” Let him who have understanding Reckon the number of the Beast. Afterall, it is a human number.

About 3 in the afternoon, he cried out with a loud voice: “ Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani.” That is to say – “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me ?” And soon after, he said: “It is Finished.” With that he bowed his head and gave up his Ghost!

At that very moment, the veil of the temple was torn in 2 from top to bottom, there was Earth shattering quake – the Earth shook, the Rocks split and the tombs broke open and many bodies of the believers which slept Arose and they appeared to many people in the city!

We know that from 12 until 3 in the afternoon – darkness came over all the land for the sun stopped shining! Now, what has happened or accured during that 3 hours of darkness ? That which was not made known to people in other generations as it has been revealed by the Spirit of the God – NOW.

So as he cried out with a loud voice – powers and authorities of the dark world from the ground and the elemental spiritual forces of the Evil in the heavenly realms – trembled with fear because they cannot tolerate loud voices, filled with fear, they scattered everywhere ! While some dived- in and went down inside the Earth, some banged themselves just below a clouds because there is an invisible or unseen wall preventing them from going into the clouds and above!

While they were filled with fear and scattered everywhere in Confusion(Mayhem), he quietly said: “It is Finished.” And bowed his head and gave up his Ghost and darkness was still in the land partially but for them – it was a total darkness due to their poor and unhealthy eyes. They could not see his ghost properly and were a Confused lots. But then, they could track his ghost due to their keen sense of smell – compensating their unhealthy eyes! Likewise, when you are too deep into this world – your eyes, the Lamp of your Body – dim fast; even doctors were perplexed, not knowing the remedy or cure for such. But then, your sense of smell improves remarkably- a Blessing in Disguise! For your unhealthy eyes can see a ghost.

They said to each other: He is still down there on Earth. He is going right and he is going left. Flying up and this time flying horizontally. They wondered what the ghost of him is doing on Earth these long and still not coming up as yet ? You know – they killed his worldly body on the cross as did their leaders, in their Ignorance! And now, they were more confidence than ever before that they would be able to kill his ghost, too. They were all set and ever ready to catch the ghost of him and throttled him dead. Thus, preventing him from regaining his heavenly power that he has left behind in his Kingdom of Light back with him again!

In the beginning, the Earth was a flat rectangular shaped and the sun and the moon goes round and round the Earth. Ref- “The Sun Stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. Joshua 10:13” “The tree grew large and strong.  Its height was enormous for its top touched the sky.  And it was visible to the Ends of the Earth.  Daniel: 4:11.”  And as darkness covered the whole world for 3 hours – the Almighty took 2 hours to turn a flat rectangular shaped into a rounded shaped.  The Sun fixed and the Earth spins and revolves around the sun. And the Moon revolves around the Earth, as we know it today.

And another 1 hour left with him to regain his heavenly power i.e. His Heavenly Light back with him again. And it was Life or Death situation for him. God is One pitied against thousands and thousands of dark spirits, against dark power, dark Rulers of the darkness of this world, against the fiery darts of the dark wiles of the Evil One, dark Prince of the power of the air. And powers and authorities of the dark world from ground and in the air –  those elemental spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms!  Dark spirits of the Children of Disobedience who were in friendships with the world or people who choosed to be a friends of the world while alive.  Dark spirits of  those people who were Out of the Covenants of Promise – without Hope worshiping false gods in the world!

He was scared and frightened because he was without his heavenly power – His Heavenly Light. He has left that power and came down and born of a woman, born under the law, baptized according to the law. Born as a human with this sinful worldly body just like you and me! He was tempted and tried but he did not committed any sin but understanding our weaknesses. He was born in a poor carpenter’s family lying in a manger here on Earth. The world at that time had no room for him. “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head here on Earth.” They Hated him without Reason.

So, if he did not make it within 1 hour as 2 hours already gone – there could be a military coup up there in heaven for the control of that Heavenly Light. And the Father would be greater than the Son- as it was written in the Bible. But if that were so, this world would be a scary place because the Father is a Spitting King Cobra and can take a human form and vice-versa in an instant as he wishes.

Nevertheless, they both make a deal and took an Oath to be faithful to each other and betray not each other but come together as One. Therefore, the Father and the Son fight agaist evil forces of this world, together. And there is no power powerful enough in this world and in the whole universe that can stand against them – until and unless that power is given to them from up above. The two combined force can even shake the very foundation of the Earth. And their great day of wrath and anger will come one final day.  And who can withstand it ?   No mortal can against the Immortal.

But then, as he flew up to go towards the North –  he confronted thousands and thousands of them dark spirits – ever ready to catch and throttle the ghost of him to death. The Game Begins.

They chased him to and fro! He wrestled against those powers and authorities of the dark world from the ground and those elemental spiritual forces of evil and dark prince of the power of the air in the heavenly realms. He fought them hard and fought them well. The game lasted for 50 minutes – he was able to bluff passed those thousands and thousands of several rows of flesh and blood flying up in the air from the ground and those dark power of the air confronting him in the heavenly realms at 10 minutes less for 1 hour on his way towards the North. Remember: dark spirits can only go upto a certain distance towards the North because seeing ICE – it pierces their eyes due to its brightness and painful as if a needle is passing through their  eyes. So, ice is the most powerful weapon for the Almighty fighting against them dark spirits. He overcame them because of his seer Cunningness and Cleverness, Quickness and Speed(CCQS)  very essential qualities for the game of basketball – if you are game for it.

He overcame or bluffed passed through those thousands and thousands of them dark spirits and then, he rested and fell asleep behind the sun – at the back of the sun! Should I say-  his favourite spot day-in and day-out. And the Mooon is like the palm of his outstretched right hand. And the sun shining in its glory is from his Chest, watching over you and me from a distance. And on the 3rd day early morning at 5.30 am he came down inside that rounded heavenly light. And this time – those flesh and blood up in the air and dark spirits in the air dare not confronted him because mere touching of the t light surrounding him and shining down on him from the cloud would sets them ablaze. And he was back to life again while the Earth Shook. For the Son  has the Authority to lay it down and the authority to take it up again for the Father also granted the Son to have life in Himself.

“Where, O death, is thy Victory?

Where, O death, is your sting?

And does not death has been swallowed up in Victory?”

Another 40 days he was down here on Earth, Likewise, the ghost of every human would be on Earth, another 40 days more even after when one’s departed with this one’s worldly body just like the Son of Man. During those 40 days – apart from appearing to some selected few people and to his very own 12 disciples occasionally –  there is no detail recording, yes – nothing at all, how Christ spent those 40 days after the Father, not letting his Holy One see decay or corruption of his worldly body. So, what did he do ?

Should I say – He spent them for the very sole purpose for which he came down to Earth! His very purpose but also the very Reason why he said to Peter-“ Get behind me, Satan. You are a stumbling block to me. You do not have in mind the Concerns of God but merely human concerns.”  When  Peter took him aside and rebuke him –“Never Lord” He said when Christ predicts his death –‘’This shall never happen to you.” But then, it does happened then.

He died – Christ Crucified- to redeem you from the empty way of life under the beast – the weapon o f the Evil One! The beast who is at the back of your neck, it seems so, but its actual hidden secret chamber where it is hiding is in your stomach! The beast handed down to you from your Ancestors- injecting small amount of their bloods thrice – your father and mother, given to you when you were a Kid and you have no knowledge about it; or you took a shot from your martial arts master- paying a high price; or a friend of yours gave you his or her own blood- a shot thrice because you asked for it – through his very own precious blood shed on the Cross so that one may serve the true living God instead of false gods – which is at the back of your Neck, it seems so!

Perhaps, you may ask- why did he have to die at the first place? The answer would be – He destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility between God and Mankind through his very own precious blood shed on the cross by which he put to death their hostility. Infact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood and without the shedding of blood – there is no forgiveness for mankind –  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God: Not even a single person is CLEAN but all of them have become UNCLEAN, because you have that hateful Beast living in your stomach or body! And this world is under the control of the beast that’s in you! And worse, this worldly body, by nature – is a slave to the law of sin and is subject to death- worthy to be set ablaze in torment in Hell forever and ever!

But  is not the message of the cross is foolishness for it does happened then even before I was born ? Yes, it is foolishness to those who are perishing(for the beast eventually kills them) for the wisdom of the wise is being destroyed and the intelligence of the intelligent vanished. But for those who love and serve the Living God and not the beast – it is the power of God. Christ crucification is the power of God and the wisdom of God. For God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe- whom the Father has called. “ For all those the Father gives me will come to me and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” Therefore, if the son sets you Free – you will be Free indeed, free from that hateful beast!

So, how did he spent those 40 days more on Earth? Where have he’d been to ? And what did he do? That which was not made known to people in other generations as it has been to people in other generations as it has been revealed by the spirit of the God, Now.

The truth: He dived-in and went down inside the Earth as a ‘spy’ in and around that city under! And  this was his very own purpose or reason why he came down to Earth i.e. to die and then! Because one has to die to enable one to dive-in and go inside that city under! And you were dead for 10 minutes but Christ was in the tomb for 2 days. Should I say –much longer than mere 10 minutes and his glorious body did not see decay at all.

Remember: There were and are a certain people in the past and in this present digital age who can walk through a wall or walk along inside of a wall and walk on a water; stab them with a knife and no blood comes forth but the would closed and healed itself again; they can fly up in the air and from up there – throw black stones at you – if provoked. They can take their best friend along flying provided that the friend should be on the left side and holding hands. And thumping the ground once with the left leg and start flying up in the air. They can throw black object in your food, giving you spotted red eye and severe or acute stomach pain so as to attend the call of nature of blood and collapsed is what you are! They can give you TB making you seriously sick. They can even break your bones – making you cripple or limping for life! They can even pierce you with needle but you felt no pain and no blood. They can even determine how much food you eat – of course, less for they hate glutton people. They can even torment or harass you sending their dark spirits against you at night time making you unable to sleep. And come after you making you feel fearness wherever you go. And possibly killed you!

From where did such an amazing and awesome power they get and from where ? Is it from that hateful beast that is using your stomach as a hiding secret chamber – handed down to you from your ancestors or master or friend injecting small amount of their blood to your vein 3 times ?? Of Course- YES.  ‘God created mankind upright but they have gone in search of many schemes.’

On the 3rd time of the injection of their blood to you – do you really realize….but then, prior to that – you have to lay down on bed because you will be unconscious or 10 minutes! Then, at the injection of their blood to your vein –  you were dead physically and spiritually doom as well.  The ghost of you tried to come out from the vertical line from your forehead but the beast – which completely devoured you by now even in your blood – caught you on both of your ankles and pulled you back inside of your worldly body and gave one sting with one drop of poison from  that needle tip of its tail – restarting your heart all over again. And you woke up after 10 minutes with a sudden jolt fully alive and kicking. But then, you felt a certain sensation or numbness on your face and it goes down through your throat and dropping one drop of poison at your adam’s apple on its way down and rested on your stomach. Realize then that you are one of the angels of the evil one now. And it is getting better and bigger as time flies and can come out from the back of your neck and walks or crawls around your shoulders in your older years! And it will one fine day demolish your strongholds because it has divine power, too.

Infact, the Evil one is a Murderer from the beginning and thus, the Father of Lies. And he is using the beast to let his Children of Disobedience spend all their lives living life in the Fear of Death – that entrapped and tormented and keeping them in bondage or slavery under the Prince of this dark world. Indeed, the Son of Man was moving in and around that city under invisible and spying to know the Name of the beast and its nature. And with what power did the evil one endowed it and how it demolish his loving children stronghold. How to defeat and killed the weapon of the evil one i.e. the beast and sets his loving children free from it ? Infact, its hidden secret chamber is in your stomach instead of the back of your neck. The Devil – the prince of this dark, who holds the power of death and keeping his loving children in bondage or slavery by his weapon i.e. the beast –  through down generation after generation instead of giving them comfort –

  1. The beast that does not letting you eat food upto even what the human body required because it is there in your stomach occupying half of it already.
  2. The beast that even x-ray cannot detect though very much inside of you!
  3. The beast that pulls your hairs letting you throw your head on your right shoulder side again and again and can throw you against the wall, if provoked or in anger. But heals you all over again.
  4. The beast that can gives you left breast cancer and intestinal cancer to man with one drop of poison in your older years.
  5. The beast that sings “Ramba hou hou hou” thrice when you are about to be unconscious(med. ops) or when about to die, in happiness.
  6. The beast that can rape you but you have no senses when things are happening to you. Then, you were back to your senses but fully naked.
  7. Thank God for you still can keep your purity or holiness for the beast is crazy or game for anal sex only! And obviously, man to man, too.

The name of that hateful beast with a poison tail which is very much inside of you but invisible to human naked eyes is a SCORPION – which teaches you to conform to the pattern of this world. For it is from the world and speak from the viewpoint of the world and the world listens to it.

But then, did it ever cross your mind the way how to throw it out or get rid-off from your stomach or body and be free from its bondage or slavery of the prince of this dark world? Are you longing from the bottom of your heart to be set free from this hateful beast handed down to you from your ancestors or your kungfu master or friend- letting you lead an empty way of life for you are completely out of the covenant of promise – without Hope worshiping false gods in this world?

Do let him cleanse your conscience from acts that lead to death so that you may serve the only living God- who is, afterall, your very own maker and the possessor of heaven and hell. Fear and tremble. Fear him. Be afraid of the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell – ablaze in torment forever and ever.  This is a trust worthy saying that deserves full acceptance and the living should take this to heart!

For Christ died for us while we are sinners – scorning its shame on the cross for God wants all of us to be saved. Therefore, Come to his wonderful light for the Light is shining already. He declares –“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you Rest – You will find Rest for your Soul.”

But in this world, you shall have tribulations because of the beast but be of good cheer – I have overcome the world. Victory or salvation, therefore, belongs to me alone!  For the Truth  and nothing else but the TRUTH i.e. the Holy Spirit,  can only sets you FREE from this hateful beast. Now, the Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is  – there is Freedom!

He declares: “I am nigh unto all that call upon me, to all that call upon me in TRUTH! I will fulfil the desire of them that fear me. I also will hear their cry and will save them.”

Behold, I am with you and shall be with you till the very end of the world!

And generations come and generations go!

God Bless.


Kamkhanlal Ngaihte






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