Damnation of Hell

“For the Realm of the dead below is all astir to meet you at your coming – it Rouses the spirits of the Departed to greet you – You also have become weak as we are, you have become like us.”  There is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

It was once appointed –“From dust you are taken and to dust you shall Return.”  Of which you were given a notice prior to 10 days before through a voice from up above.

Our days may come to 70 years or 80 – if our strength endures yet, they quickly pass. And we entered into a whole new world and beyond – a spirit world as you yourself is a spirit by now, leaving behind this worldly body 6 feet under to be eaten away by those black and shiny beetles, coming up from beneath your coffin- if not cremented but they left behind your bones and intestine unscratched and unteared. And putting them back all your bones to the same old skeleton shape of a human you with great respect or else – strike by lightning bolt ablaze!  The intestine starts disappearing act from the Mouth to Anus and is gone within 3 days after the completion of 6 months – just like a piles when being cut-off from one’s anal – vaporishes into black smoke and rises up to the sky from inside of the Earth.  And your bones – they all lasted for 1 thousand years and start decaying!

The Almighty – who fearfully and wonderfully made us is also the Giver and Overseer of our bodies and souls. He is the God of gods who forms a human spirit within a person and is gracious enough to grant you another 40 days in a spirit world. And after the completion of 40 days and in the morning of the 40 days from one’s departed – you were back to the same place exactly where the ghost of you left your world body – maybe, your private bedroom or hospital or accident site, etc. eventhough, you were buried or cremented elsewhere, for the Almighty will be your transporter eventhough you were somewhere else or still abroad!

And from here,  where will the ghost of you go ?  Will the ghost of you Returns back to God who gave it to you?  Or rather,  goes down into the city under inside of the Earth?

Perhaps, some of us might be destined already to be in that city under. For  behold,  the world in its present form is slowly passing away for certain individuals whose condemnationwas  written about long ago. For the sins of some are obvious – reaching the place of judgement ahead of them while the sins of others trial behind them.  And that are not obvious cannot remain hidden forever. And Catch up with old dead friends who were disfigured and distorted worldly bodies all over again – all cordial to each other, united they stand and co – operation at its highest peak among them. They stand united in groups –thousands and thousands of them and ever ready for combat. To fight and to defeat one common enemy so as to prevent him against destroying our cities and from turning our beautiful world into a living hell. To prevent him against setting our world ablaze with fire! Someone coming from the sky with whom they were and are always in conflict since the beginning of creation and till today –  competing for peoples souls. They are in the world as they are from the world and the world listens to them for they come from your very own desires that battle within you because  the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. Infact, this is their kingdom –  the world in which we live!

Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, watch your life and doctrine closely. For in the End of Age, the Son of Man is coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory!  One javelin in his Right Hand and 2 on his left hand. And from high up in the sky standing on clouds of heaven –  He throws down 1 javelin with his right hand towards the Earth with great speed, the second and the third javelins too. All 3 javelins with his Right Hand only – hitting the Earth at 3 points and joining the 3 dots together, it forms a triangular shape on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean- the Bermuda Triangle.

And behold, this triangular shape collapsed down deep to the very core of the Earth and consumed by the core completely. And water of the world flows down through this triangular hole to the deep of the core. And the core becomes bigger and hotter, its temperature keeps on Rising up higher and higher till it content no more! The very moment that water of the world dries  up completely will be the very moment that there is an Explosion – erupting from on Top of the world – Mt, Everest. The sound of that explosion will be heard the whole world over. A big boom and silent follows. Even birds, animals and reptiles are all dead silent and no wind blows.

By this time, realize then that it is the End of Age and the process for the total destruction of the Earth by fire and not water, starts now. Realize also then that you are being left behind in this world because you are still here on Earth. The owner of the House gets up and closes the Door way back then. But when exactly ? To be Precise, infact – One thousand years ago! The Almighty lets go the world for one thousand years more for the sake of people who are in friendships with the world or who chooses to be a friend of the world. The world ends with a whimper, not with a big boom like today.

Through this volcanic explosion – Red Hot molten lava continues to flow out from on top of the world and will continue to do so till it completely engulfed the whole surface of the Earth. Red hot molten lava can flow very fast or slowly. And then, the Kings of the earth, the Princes, the Generals, the Rich, the Mighty and everyone else – both slave and free, who are being left behind on Earth – hide in caves, among the Rocks of the Mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks and the hills – “Cover us or fall on us and hide us or kill us for the Great Day of the Wrath of the Lamb has come and who can withstand it?” People will seek death but will not find it, they will long to die but death will eludes them. Spirits of the departed or dark spirits of the Children of Disobedience, they now all come back to life clothe with disfigured and distorted worldly bodies all over again but only to be burned and ablaze in torment by lava fire – weeping and gnashing their teeth in this once our beautiful world, which is by now is a burning furnace of sulfur, forever and ever.

And then, the Almighty kicks this ball of burning furnace of sulfur with his left leg. And it flies through the universe and opens itself up from the North Pole into 4 pillars – leaving the South Pole intact. And then, molten lava, which by now engulfed the whole surface of the Earth flows down from the 4 tips of the 4 pillars into the centre of the 4 pillars with Children of Disobedience or Children of the Damned and the old Earth rested the same place where Venus once was and can be seen from the New World. For a new heaven and a new Earth coming down from God rested in the same place where the Earth once was.

The ungodly – thousands and thousands of them, I ask – who are these people ? They are people who worshiped Demons and Idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone or wood or birds or animals or reptiles. Idols that cannot talk or laugh, the cowardly, murderer, people who practice magic arts, the vile, liars, people who committed suicide and rapers! The greedy and selfish people, drunkards and slanderers – who go for his fellow character assassination, back-biters, cheater, thief and who were into corruption! People who go for eye to eye and tooth for tooth. People who move the ancient boundary of their neighbour. People who oppressed and does not pay wages! Swindlers, people who exposed the nakedness of one’s own family members!  People who go for sexual immorality and perversion!  Lastly,  people who does not love their neighbour as they love themselves – weep and gnash their teeth, longing for water, even a pin drop of it because their throats dry and their tongues cleaved to the roof of their mouths but water of the world dries up already and so, no water to quench their thirst anymore!  Neither dead nor alive but ablazed in torment for our once very beautiful world is now the Damnation of Hell – where the worms that eat them do not die and the fire is not quenched – everyone is with their worldly bodies again but this time-salted with fire in the land of deepest night of utter darkness and disorder – a land inherited by those who were unbelieving while aive. The god of this age has blinded the Minds of Unbelievers!

But then,  he received honor and glory from God,  the Father – when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying – “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”  Infact, He is the One whom God, the Father, said: “I will glorify him again and again.”

And also to whom God, the Father said:  “Sit at my Right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet – those enemies of mine who did not accept me to be King over them – Bring them here and kill them in front of me!”

He has given proof of this to everyone by Raising him from the dead. And he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.

And the last enemy to be destroyed is Death.

God Bless.


Kamkhanlal Ngaihte





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