A days in our Lives!

A married Couple, of Course!

The Wife:               “Darling, tell me something sweet on our journey to the moon”

The Husband:        “Honey, you rather say…..”

The Wife:                “O,,,darling, I can feel you deep and long even in my throat!”

The Husband:        “oh NO!,,,honey, that is your small intestine!”   eeEEHh!


The Wife:               Honey, I want to lose weight.

The Husband:     Darling, why this sudden idea?

The Wife:            I don’t feel good at myself looking in the mirror anymore!

The Husband:   Feel good, darling. For that’s how the devil turn you down the years!

The Wife:           Its all because of you – you big fat ugly Devil !!


The Wife:                I don’t have that good figure like before!

The Husband:       Its understandable!

The Wife:              What?

The Husband:     We are married and already have 3 kids!

The Wife:            I never ever  really really marry you!   (so sad!)


The Wife:                 I want  a  divorce!

The Husband:         darling, WHY?

The Wife:                 we are incompatible as hell!

The Husband:        darling, just shed your Hitler Mentality and things will be just fine!


The Woman:               doctor, do I have to join Gym to lose weight?

The Doctor:                 do you take pills?

The Woman:               I never thought of that!

The Doctor:                 take pills –having loose motion is the best way to loose weight!


The Wife:                    honey, that was a great outing we had with our kids!

The Husband:            yeah, yeah, darling.

The Wife:                    honey, we need to fill gas in our car, again.

The Husband:           What the Fu_k!!  hah!



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