A Vast Sea

Have you been sailing? Oh no..it does not matter but imagine yourself looking out at the vast sea before you –

“you reach down and you put a hand into the water, and you scoop it up towards you. Immediately, the water starts leaking through your fingers until the hand is empty. That water is a man’s life!”

“From birth to death – it is always slipping through our hands until it is gone! Along with all that you hold dear in this world”

“And yet, the kingdom of Light that I speak of, that I live for is like the rest of the water out in the sea”

“Man lives for that Cup of water that slips through his fingers”

“But those that follow Christ Jesus live for that endless expanse of sea!”

From the Film:

Paul, the Apostle of Christ (a must watch movie!)

Keep the Faith


KamkhanlalNgaihte �


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